Created in March 2018, BALIDOC aims to promote the sale and exchange of used books via the internet.

This is to allow any permit with used books and who would like to get rid of it to be able to do it by earning money.

The main activities will focus on promotion, sales and exchanges.

The books will be published by level, category, program (Ivorian, French, American, etc.), by district, by city, etc.

A.1. Goals

Promote the sale and exchange of used books through the internet.

Specifically, it will be:

  1. Promote the availability and accessibility of used books
  2. Promote used books
  3. Ensuring the sale and exchange of second-hand books
  4. Contribute to protecting the environment and natural resources

A.2. The targets

The main target is students' parents, parents of students and teachers. The secondary target will be pupils, major students and people who are used to reading