I. Easily sell your used books

It does not matter whether it is school or university books, art books, cooking or comics, historical books or antiques, in French or in a foreign language; on BALIDOC, you have the opportunity to sell your second hand books at your convenience while playing potential buyers very happy!

Many are hoping to find ways to save money, while satiating their passion for reading.

Our platform is a real online book exchange. You no longer have to throw away your old books.

From now on, you can keep your favorite books, while easily separating yourself from the rest with our used book resale platform.

II. Sale of used books

You have books that pile up at home, without knowing where to sell them.

You are moving soon and do not know what to do with your used books.

You are looking for books for yourself or your children!

You want to get rid of your old textbooks

You've already thought about selling your old books, but you do not have the right opportunity

You've thrown a collection of books that have become too cumbersome

You have old books that are more commercially available but are still in demand

On BALIDOC, selling your used books is a breeze. You can do everything to sell at a good price.

III. The advantages of selling on BALIDOC

We are the only online sales site for used books in Ivory Coast. So trust us to sell your second-hand books and take advantage of the expertise of BALIDOC, a leader in the sale of Internet opportunities and many advantages:

Sell ​​your books online at home, without having to move.

Sell ​​your used books in just a few clicks, or sell your entire collection at one time.

Your sales earn you money

You are in direct contact with the buyer

We inform you regularly about offers and promotions.

We show you how to sell with BALIDOC with ease.

When you choose to sell your books online on BALIDOC, every item sold helps protect the environment and natural resources.

IV. Selling used books with ease

On BALIDOC, selling used books online is fast and easy.
Before you sell your books on our online platform, create your account. It's free and it only takes a few minutes.

V. The rules of the stock market for second-hand books

So that the sales proceed in the best possible conditions and for the good general operation of the site, we have established some rules which we advise you to respect.
BALIDOC only goal is to connect sellers and buyers. He can in no way be held responsible for any problems related to the purchase or sale of books.

One (1) Announcement = One (1 book) = 1 collection: we are aware that it takes time, but it's easier than searching for the buyers of your books

Give your personal information in the ads: email, home address, phone number, etc.) that the customer can contact you directly.

Ads of a print of the public and wells in the surface: clas announcements of sale on the clarity of your ad as well as on its attractiveness. That is why we advise you to send honest and concise information, as well as a price adapted to the book that you sell and the appropriate images. Feel free to search the site to see if a book is sold, but in your adapter.

Choose the right category: It is important to send your book in the right category. It is absolutely not forbidden to record your ad in several categories to reach a larger audience. However, make sure that the publication is relevant in more than one category.

Copyright: Please make sure you have the right to relive the book. BALIDOC disclaims all liability for this clause. In case of abuse, contact us!

VI. Condition to sell

Being of age: you must be at least 18 years old to be able to publish an online sale.

NB: We will charge a commission of 20% for each book sold